The Dream of a Campus Master Plan

"Why do we need a Campus Master Plan?"

That's a great question.

The answer starts all the way back in 1955, when BNC first purchased this property.

The church was growing and needed more space, so they purchased an old strawberry firm on outskirts of the city. That growth continued and additions were built up until the current Sanctuary was finished in the early 70s.  After that, God miraculously enabled the church to purchase more land, adding up to the 13 acres we currently sit on.
BNC's original building in 1955
BNC's original building in 1955
BNC hit it's peak attendance in 1987 and dreamed about expanding facilities again onto the rest of the property. Unfortunately, the church never saw that come to fruition. Instead, it experienced  some of it's toughest years to date along with massive cultural change. Both of those things meant that the dream was delayed, but it was never forgotten.

After a season of renewal led by Pastor Darrell Elliot, BNC is now poised and ready to pick up that dream again. I also believe that God's vision is bigger than ours and He is to going to enable us to not only to build a campus that blesses His church, but blesses the entire community around us.
BNC's current 13 acres
Where does that start? It starts by being faithful with what He's already given us. That means maximizing our current facility for future growth!

What we know from history is that our current campus can facilitate around 700 people on a Sunday (over 2 services). So before we ever break ground on a new building, we need to fill up this one. We also know that things have changed dramatically from then until now. So we need to rework our existing space so that it's effective for ministry in 2022 and beyond.

That's why we formed a Campus Master Planning Committee at the beginning of 2021: to envision this future together, address needs, and come up with a plan. In a future post, I'll share the process that the Campus Master Planning Committee went through and link the detailed list we created together.

God is calling us into a bright future together, can you sense it?
 - Pastor Eric

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