Who do you say Jesus is? | The Gospel According to John (Part 25) | Tom Stephen

Jul 30, 2023    Tom Stephen

"Who do you say Jesus is? Or, in other words, Who is Jesus to you? It's a question that has eternal significance for each of us.


This Sunday, as we delve into John 7:1-13 and study the passage, we witness diverse perspectives on Jesus' identity. Some view Him as a teacher or prophet, while others wonder if He could be the long-awaited Messiah. Additionally, we'll consider the unique perspective of Jesus' brothers, who, at this point, haven't fully grasped His divine identity. They know Him as a miracle worker but have yet to understand the full truth of who He is.


As we discuss these perspectives, we'll reflect on the profound impact of recognizing Jesus as the Son of God and the eternal implications of our response to His identity.


Whether you've known Jesus for years, are curious to learn more, or are still exploring your beliefs, all are welcome. Together, let's engage with God's word and invite the Holy Spirit to open our eyes to the true identity of Jesus Christ."


John 7, verses 1 to 13