Jesus or Not? | The Gospel According to John (Part 29) | Alan Ehler

Sep 3, 2023    Dr. Alan Ehler

In today's selfish and pluralistic world, many of us think we should be able to choose what we want for everything: the shirt we buy at the store, the food we order at a restaurant, who we are as individuals, what is right and wrong, and what is the nature of reality. Yet, Jesus makes significant claims in the Bible that some things are true, no matter what we think about them. The question is what we do with that truth.

Join us at BNC today as Pastor Alan Ehler teaches through John 8:12-59, and we see that our choice is Jesus or not. The consequences of that choice will have eternal ramifications. When we say “Yes!” to Jesus, we gain light, freedom, and eternity, but that “Yes!” must come on His terms.

John 8, verses 12 to 59